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Brandon Davidson Comes Back From Cancer And Starts For Oklahoma City

After staring cancer in the face, hockey is just a game.

Brandon Davidson beats a killer
Brandon Davidson beats a killer
Candace Riley, our woman in OKC

If you follow the Oklahoma City Barons on Facebook, you already know, but:

WELCOME BACK BRANDON DAVIDSON! Barons defenseman Brandon Davidson got the start tonight. It's his first game back since being diagnosed with cancer in October.

Four months after being diagnosed with testicular cancer, Brandon Davidson has returned to hockey.

I said earlier in the week:

On his road to the NHL, Brandon Davidson has overcome every obstacle placed in his path. He didn't have access to the best developmental leagues, but he kept at it. He wasn't drafted into the WHL during the midget draft, but he kept at it. He wasn't drafted by an NHL team during his first year of eligibility, but he kept at it. Davidson is by no means a modern Job, but nothing he's faced has stopped him.

I can think of no better ending to this story than Brandon Davidson making his debut in the NHL and finding regular work. Sure, every professional athlete is forced to overcome long odds to get to the highest levels, but Brandon Davidson has overcome more than most.