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Please Welcome Jake Pringle

The Copper & Blue adds another impact free agent.

The Copper & Blue is always on the lookout for talent. We're like the Red Wings - we need writers who can perform and who can do so effectively, without gimmicks, without airs, just writers that can perform based on their even strength. :)

One talented writer who has been cranking out very interesting content is Jake Pringle from Oil Acumen. After talking it over with the rest of the management team here, after considering the possibilities, after analyzing the poise of all involved, Copper & Blue will assign Jake to the writing team - a move made to bolster the writing team from life without 3-day rests.

After reading Oil Acumen regularly over the last year, we realized he was an excellent fit for The Copper & Blue, and asked him to come aboard. Jake will bring a fresh perspective on the Oilers and will undoubtedly raise the level of discourse on a daily basis.

Please join me in welcoming Jake Pringle to the crew.