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Alex Goligoski Scratched - Philip Larsen Draws in

Glen Gulutzan scratched the defenseman this morning, via Defending Big D:

My point of contention with this move is that there's a huge dropoff in offensive production between Goligoski and Larsen (3.94 CorsiOn vs -16.25). And as Erin Bolen has documented, Larsen's been one of the worst offenders when it comes to taking penalties. If you scroll all the over to the right on the BTN link, you can just see just how much of a penalty taking disparity Larsen's been credited with compared to the Stars' other defenseman.

Short term, it's a head scratcher. But if Larsen can take advantage of this second chance and Goligoski takes this as a wakeup call, it could pay dividends for Gulutzan and the Stars down the road.

Goligoski is the man that drives the Stars power play, so a less-than-effective power play is an edge in a game where the Oilers' depleted lineup needs every edge it can get.