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Brandon Davidson Is Kicking Cancer's Ass

The small-town kid has never let any obstacle stand in his way.

Brandon Davidson, a remarkable young man
Brandon Davidson, a remarkable young man
by: Candace Riley, a remarkable woman

Joel Gasson reporting on the Regina Pats Alumni Game:

"One of those fellow guys is Brandon Davidson," said Sillinger. "Kind of explained to him what was going on."

The good news is that according to Sillinger, Davidson is now 90 per cent cancer free.

Davidson's diagnosis with testicular cancer was well-documented, but news of his progress has been quiet.

On his road to the NHL, Brandon Davidson has overcome every obstacle placed in his path. He didn't have access to the best developmental leagues, but he kept at it. He wasn't drafted into the WHL during the midget draft, but he kept at it. He wasn't drafted by an NHL team during his first year of eligibility, but he kept at it. Davidson is by no means a modern Job, but nothing he's faced has stopped him.

Though he hasn't been cleared to play, he has been skating with the Barons, an enormously positive sign for the young man on his road to recovery.