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Yann Danis Gets The Start Against Dallas, Dubnyk Injured?

Sportsnet just Tweeted

Yann Danis was called up just yesterday after Nikolai Khabibulin was put on IR with an unspecified groin injury, and makes a start immediately. This marks the 3rd straight game that starter Devan Dubnyk wears a baseball cap and the obvious question is "What's wrong with Dubnyk?" It could be an unspecified injury, or it could be the flu - Dubnyk's last start was against Minnesota, a team that was fighting the flu in the week leading up to their February 21st matchup.

It's odd that the Oilers wouldn't announce Dubnyk's flu if that were the case, so injury seems like the likely explanation. The goaltending market isn't flooded with sellers right now and goaltending won't be available until the end of March, so Oilers fans are left hoping for a flu, not injury.