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Doug MacLean Shows His Hockey Expertise

Doug MacLean has no idea that Ryan Whitney isn't good at hockey anymore.

Player, franchise and community ruiner.
Player, franchise and community ruiner.
Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

My Twitter feed lit up this afternoon with hilarity:

Schacher was listening to Doug MacLean's Hockey Central at noon on Sportsnet Radio and was as flabbergasted as I when he heard MacLean talk about Whitney. This is Ryan Whitney, the same defenseman who hasn't been able to move for over a year, the skater who can't pivot in place, the player who can't push off to take a stride in any direction quickly, and MacLean is shocked that no one wants him.

But then MacLean topped himself.

The show is here. Pick the Feb 26 Hour 2 show at the 30:00 minute mark. The Whitney conversation happens at 33:50. "Has he dropped THAT dramatically?"

Do mainstream media members even watch the games? MacLean is a paid expert with three different media jobs dealing with the NHL and he's stunned by a 14-month-old story?

There's a reason the Blue Jackets are in the mess they're in and that reason is Doug MacLean.