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Top 25 Under 25 - Who Is Your Favorite Longshot?

The readers voted for the Top 25 Under 25, now it's time to name their favorite longshot.

Dale MacMillan

The writers have voted - you've voted (results to come prior to the reveal of the top 10), but where did we go wrong? Each time out we ask our writers about the guys who didn't make the cut and now we ask the same of our readers.

The question for our writers:

"Out of the group of players including Brandon Davidson, Ryan Martindale, Joey Laleggia, Curtis Hamilton, Daniil Zharkov, Kristians Pelss, Alex Plante, John McCarron, Philippe Cornet, Frans Tuohimaa, Mitch Moroz, Niko Hovinen, Samu Perhonen, Travis Ewanyk, Antti Tyrvainen, Kellen Jones and Cam Abney which player is most likely to play 200 games in the NHL?"

Select a longshot in the poll below and let us know why you voted that way in the comments section. Did you vote for the hired knuckles of Cam Abney? The gritty defense of Travis Ewanyk? What about the late-blooming offensive gifts of Ryan Martindale?

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