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Oilers & Blues Talking About A Baron?

A team employee tweets about a Blues visit and MacT is in Texas to watch the Barons.

Bruce Bennett

Last night Bob Stauffer tweeted:

Stauffer is employed by the team and typically uses management talking points on his radio show, so putting the Blues information out there was probably done with permission.

In and of itself, the Armstrong information isn't newsworthy - scouting is part of the NHL and GMs watch games all of the time, ask Mike Gillis. But a second bit of Oklahoma City Barons-related information came to light last night:

Spotted today inside the Cedar Park Center, home of the Texas Stars, was Oilers Vice President of Hockey Operations, Craig MacTavish. When he’s around, you pay attention. To make things more curious, he, alongside Barons GM Bill Scott and head coach Todd Nelson, watched practice from the comfy Cedar Park seats. Following a discussion between the three men, Scott was seen on the phone for a very long time.

Neal goes on to speculate who might be involved in a move from the Barons' perspective.

It may amount to nothing, but the Blues' GM was in Edmonton and the Oilers' GM-in-waiting was in Texas to watch practice and hold an extended pow-wow with Barons' management - let's hope MacTavish has the final say.

Thanks to Neal from Tend The Farm for the heads up.