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Oilers Attempt 68 Shots On Goal - Paajarvi Rocks

via Michael Parkatti:

Though not as impressive as the 85 shot attempts Kevin Weekes kept talking about last night, the Oilers attempted 68 shots on goal to Colorado's 43:

This is the first game all year where the Oilers had more shot attempts than their opposition. The very first game against the Canucks was a tie, and since then the Oil had been below par between -2 and -19 (twice). Well, they blew the doors off this one, until they ended up by TWENTY-FIVE shot attempts versus the Avalanche.

And a sidenote about roster composition and effective players on the 4th line:

Personal favourite number? Paajarvi’s team 6th best Corsi per minute at 0.62. Guy was going to be a healthy scratch in place of a CGI character reject from Men in Black. Oilers, God is telling you something here about playing this man.

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