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The Coyotes Toy with the Oilers then Beat Them

The Phoenix Coyotes beat the Oilers 6-2

The Coyotes celebrate yet another goal
The Coyotes celebrate yet another goal
Derek Leung

There is a saying "payback is a bitch". Well that happened today. On Friday night I had a prior engagement and couldn't write the post game wrap-up after the Oilers got their asses handed to them by the Columbus Blue Jackets. Alan Hull stepped up and wrote it for me but was pissed off at me almost right from the start of the game. I teased him about it on Twitter a little bit. Well that teasing came back to bite me in the ass and I'll tell you it is a bitch.


Oops sorry this is what I meant to post.

Breakdown of the Play

I will not be breaking down any individual play because the "craplights" will show you everything you need to see. This was once again another bad game by the team and breaking down these plays just depresses me.

Tweets of the Night

At least these Tweets will give us something to enjoy. Devid Perron.

Take Aways

The Management Team

Its time for MacTavish and Lowe and all the rest of the lackeys to either make this team competitive or time for Daryl Katz to fire all of them and bring in a management team that can make this team competitive.

Three Stars

  1. David Perron
You pick the rest because it's getting tougher and tougher to select anyone that actually does something on this team. I'll attach a poll with the rest of the roster. Enjoy. You'll notice that Devan Dubnyk is not included. If you think he should've been added comment on it.