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Sam Gagner's Heart of Gold

A faceless, nameless story about Sam Gagner

Hannah Foslien

There are some completely unverifiable internet stories from anonymous people that I really hope are true.  This story about Sam Gagner is one of them:


Gagne sees him, my cousin is just staring. Gagne comes over to him, gives him his hockey stick, and signs his skates. My aunt saw the whole thing and went up to Gagne after and told him about my uncles death and how much my cousin looks up to Gagne and how this was the first time she'd since him ile since his dad passed.

Gagne learned they were going to Edmonton for the funeral the next day, and invites my Will to a practice. My grandpa takes him, and the head coach comes out and sits with Will in the stands as the assistants lead the practice. He pulls out a letter Will wrote him a couple months prior, and goes over all the suggestions Will has for the team, why they might and might not work, etc. talking to him man to man the whole time, not like a professional coach to a 12 year old boy.

After practice, all the players lined up in front of him to sign the hockey cards Will brought. Sam Gagne hung out with him one on one for over half an hour.


Yeah, I know about the spelling.