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Omark and Eager Returning To Oklahoma City

Linus and his white skates are heading back to the Barons.

Jason O. Watson-US PRESSWIRE

Well, that was quick. Just two days after finally recalling Linus Omark from the Barons, the Oilers have decided to send him back. Joining him on that flight to Oklahoma City will be Ben Eager. These moves leave the Oilers with 12 forwards on their roster, but David Perron is meeting the team in Philadelphia so one would have to guess that he's ready to return to the lineup after missing the last three games.

I can't understand why it took the Oilers so long to call up Omark in the first place, and now he's been sent back without much of a look. Last night he played nine minutes but only 1:04 in the third period. He was -1 on the night with a Corsi% of 50. Not a world beater performance but one I hoped would have led to a second (third and fourth) look. With the return of Taylor Hall and Omark the Oilers had a bottom six that resembled something useful. With Perron returning it could have been even better Now, not so much. Enjoy Luke Gazdic everyone.