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Edmonton Oilers FINALLY recall Linus Omark


Gregory Shamus

The Edmonton Oilers have FINALLY recalled Linus Omark from the Oklahoma City Barons.

With all four of the team's starting LW on opening night out with injury, they couldn't find a place for him, but now that Smyth is back, they have seen the light and brought up their best offensive talent from the AHL.

The timing doesn't make a great deal of sense to me either, unless there is another injury that has yet to be announced or they have further details on the length of time Perron will be missing with his (flu/neck problem/"we swear its not a concussion even though it totally sounds like one") health issues.

Still, the return of Omark to Edmonton should be a good thing for fans who have called for it for weeks now and if nothing else, its a hilarious way to troll the Tampa Bay Lightning heading into their game tomorrow. For those who don't remember, Omark's infamous spin-o-rama shootout goal was scored against the Lightning, and some of Tampa Bay's players didn't exactly care for it.

Or maybe after last night, they just figure the more Barons players they have on the roster, the better their chances of winning again?

Whatever the reason, it's a good morning (so far...) for Oiler fans who have wanted to see Omark get his second chance.