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Taylor Hall To Return Within A Week

The team's best player comes back from a knee injury. Can he save his mates?

We need 30 of these.  STAT.
We need 30 of these. STAT.
Christian Petersen

As has become her custom, Joanne Ireland delivered us a newsworthy item yesterday:

Taylor Hall expects to return within the next week from what the timeline suggest would be a sprained MCL. For Oilers team struggling to...everything, the news can only be met with one reaction:

If they're going to be competitive, the Oilers will need David Perron back from his neck flu and a physically sound Devan Dubnyk, and that's all before they straighten out the defensive situation and get Nail Yakupov back to the right side.

The season is lost, but putting the right pieces in place and giving the team a chance to win can move the franchise in the right direction. That and sacrificing a chicken to whichever god or demi-god has it in for them.