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A Tale of Two Games - Oilers Beat the Flames 4-2

The Oilers beat the Flames 4-2 in the Battle of Bad Teams

Derek Leung

I started this post in the second period. What I had was a thing of beauty. I was pissed off at the Oilers lack of playing but I forgot that they were playing the Flames. I had forgotten that like the Oilers they could the Flames only play 20 minutes of hockey. My "Take Aways" section went on and on about how we as fans should return season tickets and stop watching games until the Oilers put a product on the ice that was worth watching. Of course as the game rolled on I had to adjust my game notes.

After some stellar performances on home ice the Oilers headed down the QE2 to Calgary to face the Flames. Neither team had won in 5 games but at least the Flames have been able to pull out a point out of one of those 5 games. Both teams were also coming off of some embarrassing performances, the Oilers having finally scored on home ice after almost 215 minutes without a goal and the Flames coming off of a 7-3 spanking by the Dallas Stars. Both teams were desperate for a win.

One last note. There may be some grammatical errors in this post. Before posting I usually get my wife to read over the posts but tonight is gonna be a little different. See my wife is Flames fan so I didn't want to rub the win in too much.


Breakdown of the Game Winning Goal

Hey this time the game winning goal came at the hands of an Oiler player!

The Oilers have the Flames running around at this point in the game. The goal by Ales Hemsky has thrown them off and the Oilers are able get the Flames defence running around. Boyd Gordon passes the puck up to Ryan Smyth who bats it around the back boards to David Perron. Perron makes a nice move around Dennis Weidman and floats down behind the goal line. Perron then catches Reto Berra cheating and bounces the puck in off Berra's shoulder.

Not much more to this play other than it's about time the Hockey Gods gave the Oilers a bounce.

Tweet of the Game

Thanks to a poor start and an unrealistic finish I am once again forced to include two Tweets.

The first one comes after the first period from our good friend @SHorcov

The second comes from the other side a Flames fan.

Take Aways

Philip Larsen

Did you see that? On the first goal against Larsen cannot figure out who he is suppose to cover. FYI he decided no one was the best answer. This guy is a train wreck it almost makes me look forward to Justin Schultz coming back to play defence. If you missed that beautiful play by Larsen just watch the video below you'll see what I'm talking about.

Andrew Ference

Way to display that team mentality with that stupid fight against an unwilling opponent. Lee Stempniak lays a perfectly clean hit on Ference that knocks him to the ground. Ference decides that he needs to beat the crap out of Stempniak and Ference takes the extra penalty. Best Oilers captain since Shane Courson.

The Flames

Thanks! From a guy living in Calgary that hasn't really been able to wear an Oilers jersey to work because of all of the annoying Flames fans thanks. I'll see you Flames fans on Monday wearing my Blue and Orange! Oh ya and those fugly third jerseys. What is it with the Flames and choosing the worst third jerseys? Remember the Flaming horse head or the Ronald McDonald Heritage Classic jerseys? At least these ones are better but not by much.

Three Stars

Difficult decision today. This was really a game the Oilers should have lost. The first star is the only reason the Oilers had a chance to win this game. The other two stars will go to the goal scorers that I felt had the nicest goals.

  1. Devan Dubnyk
  2. David Perron
  3. Jordan Eberle