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Oilers Recall Klefbom and Assign Arcobello. Seriously.

A Friday afternoon head scratcher.

There are moves that I understand. There are moves that I question. Then there are moves like this. I can't even begin to explain this one. If you can look at what Mark Arcobello has done this season, and then look at Will Acton's play, and come away with an understanding of this deal, then please, share what you're smoking.

Arcobello is tied for third on the team in scoring. But since the team is scoring so many goals maybe they don't need him, right? No, that's probably not it. Cap space, maybe this saves some more cap space, that could make some sense. Wrong again. Or maybe it was because his faceoff skills and defensive zone play can be easily replaced elsewhere in the lineup? Wait, that's not true so that can't be it either. I'm at a loss here.  When news broke this afternoon that Arcobello was likely to be scratched tonight in favour of Acton, I was confused. For even one night that doesn't make sense. And then the Oilers doubled down on crazy and actually sent Arcobello to the Barons.

But wait, it get's better. The player coming back, Oscar Klefbom, is someone that just yesterday the GM said needed more time in the minors. Just let that sink in for a minute. The Oilers make a lot of strange moves, but this one sets the bar at an entirely new level.