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David Perron Needs An MRI: Flu Spreads To His Neck Tissue?

David Perron might be on the shelf

Jana Chytilova/Freestyle Photo

Dallas Eakins told the gathered press corps that David Perron would be out a bit longer:

Yikes is one way of putting it. An MRI means that the team doctor is in search of a soft tissue injury, something that doesn't typically accompany the flu. Chris Wescott filled in the rest of the details:

This is very bad news for the Oilers. Perron was on a tear, posting a career high arc in shots on goal, and was the team's 1A/1B forward when teamed with Ales Hemsky. Without Perron, the team's left wing depth chart is as follows:

Ben Eager

Luke Gazdic

Of course the Oilers are playing Nail Yakupov and Ryan Jones out of position on the left side to compensate, but that's still a painful collection.

Hopefully, Perron's injury isn't serious and he's able to return soon. However, the alternative scenario, as pointed out in our writer's email conversation is much worse.

Neck pain, nausea, headache.

Come on...