The Search For Seabass

I have used the stats I have compiled for Functional Toughness to locate SeaBass in the NHL.

Functional Toughness SeaBass In The NHL

I have narrowed the search for 1st Line players, and I have added in 2nd Line players.

This is a list of forwards with more than 18 minutes of ice time last year and at least 2 fights. This is to eliminate Sam Gagner's from the discussion.

Over 18 Minutes (7 Players)

Evander Kane (.688 ppg)

Andrew Ladd (.958 ppg)

Jarome Iginla (.750 ppg)

Steve Ott (.500 ppg)

Brandon Dubinsky (.670 ppg)

Corey Perry (.818 ppg)

Joe Thornton (.833 ppg)

15:59 Minutes to 18 Minutes (9 Players) (5 Players over .500 ppg)

Vincent Lecavalier (.821 ppg)

David Clarkson (.500 ppg)

Jamie McGinn (.468 ppg)

Milan Lucic (.587 ppg)

Nathan Horton (.512 ppg)

Ryane Clowe (.475 ppg)

Nick Foligno (.422 ppg)

Mike Richards (.667 ppg)

Derek Dorsett (.375 ppg)

There you have it a list of 16 SeaBass potentials. That means on average 1 out of every 2 teams has such a player. Since there is a scarcity of these players, which of the list above for the 36% that said the Oilers should persue a Milan Lucic, should the Oilers persue and what do they have to give up to get the player?

If we use Lucic PPG as a baseline that means 9 players over that mark. Using .5/game as a baseline adds in Ott, Horton and Clarkson. So 1 in 3 teams have a player like that.

Thus part of the reason for MacT's huge crush on Clarkson and $7 million dollar push for him.

Further there are 4 players on this list with a point per game that you could possibly be in the Neely ballpark, Thornton, Lecavalier, Perry & Ladd. A further 4, Richards, Kane, Iginla & Dubinsky knocking on the door.

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