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Worst Start or Worst Luck?

If it wasn't for bad luck, the Oilers would have no luck at all.

Dilip Vishwanat

In his FanPost entitled "Just How Bad of an October Has it Been?", C&B regular ScottieA compares the Oilers record in October of 2013 to years gone by:

Do you want to know how bad the opening of the season this has been? Tambellini’s teams were better in the first month of their respective seasons. Of course the wheels fell off later on, but at least they hung in there for that opening month.

2008-2009: 4-4-1

2009-2010: 7-5-1

2010-2011: 3-4-2

2011-2012: 7-2-2

2012-2013: 4-2-1 (January)

2013-2014: 3-9-2

This confirms what many of us here on Copper and Blue were saying prior to the opening of this season. After some solid moves made early in his tenure, MacTavish built this team with many ifs and bad bets on this roster. Now it will take a miracle for this team to resuscitate its chances at making the postseason, and we have only concluded the first month of the season. We're in lottery territory again; a place that none of us wanted to see them in again for a long time.


dawgbone98 responded to Scottie:

Just a guess based on memory, but there were some pretty strong sv% performances in 3 of those years and a really strong sh% performance in at least one other.

Year SH% SV% PDO >= 1000 PDO < 1000 PDO
2013-14 8.54% 0.881 967 4 10
2012-13 8.16% 0.926 1008 4 3
2011-12 8.42% 0.951 1035 7 3
2010-11 11.62% 0.902 1018 5 4
2009-10 11.90% 0.911 1030 9 5
2008-09 7.47% 0.909 984 5 4

*These numbers include all scenarios, minus shootouts

The Oilers rotten luck in net has contributed to their slowest start in six seasons, but it's concerning that they are bleeding shots against at even strength. The save percentage will rebound, the even strength play is up in the air.