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Breaking Down Ryan Nugent-Hopkins' Shoulder Injury

Ryan Nugent-Hopkins made it back to the ice. What was involved and what can we expect from him?

A torn labrum
A torn labrum
Photo by Smith & Nephew, via Wikimedia Commons

Ryan Nugent-Hopkins arose from I.R. ahead of schedule in an attempt to save the early part of the Oilers' season last night, While Hopkins looked, what did he go through and what should we expect from him in the coming months?

Eric Morris at Undisclosed Injury looks at Nugent-Hopkins' injury, the repair, his rehab, his return and future expectations:

All in all, Nugent-Hopkins underwent surgery and was expected to be out for 6 months, putting him on track for a late October, more likely early November return. Surprisingly, Oilers coach Dallas Eakins announced last Friday that his young center was ready to go and would be in the lineup Monday evening.

Hopkins paid a visit to the Cleveland Clinic to get the thumbs up on progress before announcing his return. His recovery sounds painful:

After the four to six weeks waiting for the labrum to re-attach itself to the rim of the bone, it takes another four to six weeks to regain your strength gradually and carefully. Most doctors recommend a six month timetable to return to sports after your surgery.

As for concerns about his on-ice play:

...hope that his injury does not get aggravated and that he is careful with his play (no fighting obviously, probably no checking with that side of the body) and protective of his shoulder.

That is something to keep a very close eye on.

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