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October Wallpaper - YakCity's Lid

Edmonton's game-changer at rest.

Photo by Candace Riley © All rights reserved

Nail Yakupov dominated our fan favorites poll and with good reason: the man possesses an incredible amount of talent and a verve that makes him impossible to dislike, unless you're the Los Angeles Kings. So when the Oilers opened up practice in Oklahoma City prior to playing the Stars in a pre-season game, our favorite photographer, Candace Riley, jumped at the opportunity to point her DSLR Yakupov's way.

And although she he captured a number of amazing photos (we'll feature them as the season moves along), the above photo of Yakupov's helmet at rest is one of my favorites. It's a perfect contrast to his Whirling Dervish act on the ice. It's also timely, as he was the spark behind the comeback against the Devils last night.

Click the links below for the high-res wallpaper versions of Candace's photo:

Wallpaper: Yakupov's Helmet, 1600*1063

Wallpaper: Yakupov's Helmet, 1280*850

All photos © by Candace Riley, All rights reserved.