2013 NHL QUALGRIT Standings

Jen Fuller

In light of the QUALGRIT discussion, I have also done this year's QUALGRIT stats through to today.

Rethinking Grit - A New Formula

You will see that Division Leaders Edmonton and Buffalo having taken the responsibility to GRIT up seriously and the results in the standings speak for themselves.

At this point the QUALGRIT stats will slightly favor a team with a DG(Designated Goon) but as the season wears on, it will balance out. San Jose noticed that they lacked GRIT and it was costing them losses so they added Mike Brown. Hopefully he will bring up the QUALGRIT to a respectable level.

STL 3.2
EDM 2.9
BUF 2.8
ANA 2.6
NYR 2.5
TB 2.4
BOS 2.2
PHI 2.1
NSH 2.0
WPG 2.0
MIN 1.9
MTL 1.9
WSH 1.9
DAL 1.7
VAN 1.6
COL 1.6
TOR 1.3
PIT 1.3
LA 1.2
FLA 1.2
CBJ 1.2
OTT 1.0
PHX 0.8
CHI 0.8
NYI 0.8
CAR 0.6
SJ 0.6
CGY 0.5
DET 0.4
NJ 0.4

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