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Sam Gagner has been Medically cleared to play

Oilers get a much needed boost to their injury depleted lineup with the addition of Sam Gagner.

Shopped with love by Ben Massey

With the Oilers struggling and Taylor Hall out for at least another 3 weeks, the Oilers got some much needed good news:

If he's medically cleared, I can't see any reason he won't be in the lineup tonight. He's been practicing so he should be in game shape and he should have a pretty good idea of what he should be doing in the new systems Eakins has put in place (mind you the guys playing it the last month don't seem to really know...).

This really couldn't come at a better time for the Oilers, who are desperate for positive things to help rescue this season. Whether Gagner slots in at centre or on the wing remains to be seen. It's hard to move Arcobello out of that #2 position given how he's played so far this year, but if he's comfortable on the wing it allows you to try Gagner with a couple of winger configurations to see how he performs.

Welcome back Gagner, if you ever wanted to look like a hero, there aren't many better situations that you could walk in to.