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Clifford Fined, Hanzal Suspended - Lightly Tapped Knuckles Continue

How much is a shot to the head and a knee-on-knee hit worth to the NHL? Not much.

Check to the head? Willie Mitchell GETS $2,000 from the league.
Check to the head? Willie Mitchell GETS $2,000 from the league.
Harry How

From the crime and punishment files comes big crimes and not much punishment:

For this intentional knee-on-knee hit of Ryan Nugent-Hopkins, one-time 57 point scorer (in junior) (after his draft year), and mostly thug Kyle Clifford was fined $2,756.

We defer to the Yeti for the quick take:

And to put a cherry on top, Brendan Shanahan went through a detailed explanation to tell us how bad this Martin Hanzal hit on Jeff Petry was...

...he suspended Hanzal for just two games.  The Coyotes have learned their lesson.

An intentional knee-on-knee hit and an intentional shot to the head is only worth 2 games and $2,750 in the NHL.  I hate to encourage thuggery, but perhaps the Oilers should take note of that the next time they need to get an edge in a game or a home-and-home.

Oh well, at least I get to update the Eye-for-an-eye Suspension Tracker soon: