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Tyler Pitlick Recalled From Oklahoma City

Tyler Pitlick is on his way back to Edmonton.

Derek Leung

Announced from the Oilers' Twitter account this morning:

I felt that Pitlick, who was drafted by the Oilers in 2010, showed well in training camp this year but there just wasn't a spot available for him on the Oilers roster to start the year. Now, thanks to a couple of injuries, he'll be getting a shot to show what he can do at the NHL level. The Oilers roster currently lists 13 forwards, but included in that group is Taylor Hall who is back in Edmonton getting his knee looked at. If Jordan Eberle and Ryan Smyth are dealing with a couple of bumps and bruises as well, then it makes a lot of sense for the Oilers to get Pitlick on a plane destined for Montreal as soon as possible.

Since heading to Oklahoma City, Pitlick has hardly set the AHL on fire, scoring one goal and adding two assists in seven games this season, but he plays more of a physical game than a guy like Linus Omark, who was probably also discussed as a possible call up. Pitlick isn't just a banger though, he's got some legitimate skill and it's that combination of skill and toughness that the Oilers are hopeful he can bring to the lineup, possibly playing on the right side of the third line if Smyth can't go tomorrow. I'm not sure how effective he can be that high in the lineup, but the Oilers don't have a lot of other options unfortunately.

The big question now is, how long will Pitlick be here? Given that he's been recalled because of the injury to Hall, I think it's safe to bet most fans are hoping he won't be here for long.


Looks like Pitlick will play his first NHL game tomorrow night in Montreal.