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Mike Green Really, Really Loves Hockey

Mike Green's Big Day

I'm back, baby.
I'm back, baby.

In the pre-dawn hours just after the NHL and NHLPA announced their deal, NHL players took their reactions straight to Twitter. While most of them were excited about the return of NHL hockey, it was Washington Capitals defenseman Mike Green who stood out from the rest:

It's the greatest day of Mike Green's life. The blueliner signed a three-year deal worth $18.25 million in July, so his return to the Capitals comes with a big payday, though it may be cynical to suggest that money has anything to do with Green's excitement. It may be the fact that Green has more to prove in 2013 than most NHL players -- his last two seasons have been injury-riddled disappointments and the Capitals need him to return to his 2007-2010 form if they want to have a chance to compete in the East (or whatever conference name will be in place after the kinks are worked out of this CBA and realignment.)