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St. Louis Blues Owner Tom Stillman Apologizes To Fans

How should an owner react after the lockout? Tom Stillman shows the way.

Bruce Bennett

Tom Stillman, the man who bought the St. Louis Blues just one year ago, issued a public apology to the Blues' fans today:

"...I want to apologize to all Blues fans, especially our season ticket holders, suite holders, and sponsors. We share in your disappointment and frustration about the lockout and the lack of Blues hockey over the past three months. As you can imagine, the last thing our new ownership group wanted in our first year was a lockout and no Blues hockey. Everyone in the organization — the players, hockey management, the front office – would have preferred to start the season on time.

Moving forward, our aim is to make up for lost time and to earn your continued support. As I said last May, we are firmly committed to the Blues and to ensuring the franchise’s long-term success here in St. Louis. With the lockout behind us, we reaffirm that commitment. But we know we cannot succeed without you, and we hope you will continue to support us at this critical time."

Contrast that with Patrick Laforge:

He said the time away from the game hasn’t changed the team’s business model. He wouldn’t say how many season ticket holders the team lost , but that he "would not say it was an abnormal amount."

He said there are no firm plans to offer special incentives to fans to come back to the team, but it is something worth considering.

It's hat-in-hand from the Blues versus eat my hat from the Oilers.

Which shouldn't be a surprise, considering he's the mouthpiece for a silly organization.