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Yann Danis Clears Waivers, Heads Back To Oklahoma City

The Barons Get Their #1 Back, The Oilers get their MVP back.

Thearon W. Henderson

Neal Livingston at Tend The Farm reports that Yann Danis has cleared waivers and is likely to draw in as starter tonight in Charlotte:

Yes, I’m an OKC Barons fan who has thought highly of Yann Danis the last 1.5 seasons. And, yes, I was fearful someone, somewhere would feel the same. Boy am I glad I was wrong. Danis clears waivers today...

Neal was more than a little worried about losing Danis to a team looking for goaltending help:

And Neal celebrated when Danis was "coming home":

Meanwhile, the Nikolai Khabibulin watch begins. Khabibulin will likely draw in tonight as the starter against the undefeated San Jose Sharks.