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Gabriel Landeskog Will Sit Out Tonight's Game

Per Ryan Rishaug on Twitter concerning Gabriel Landeskog's status:

Landeskog not expected to play tonite. Issues with head and leg.

Landeskog was the victim of a viscious hit from Brad Stuart Saturday against the Sharks. The hit looked for all of the world to be of the shoulder-to-head variety, but the league ruled differently: it was shoulder to chest. Andi at Mile High Hockey broke it down:

While both player's feet are off the ice, Stuart's skates are much higher than Landeskog's (and they actually get even higher before he finally lands). While I understand that sometimes players' feet will come off the ice during a clean hit, based on my understanding of physics, I don't think that's the case here. He simply ends up with too much hang time at too vertical of an angle for this to just be a result of the impact. After watching the replay a few times in slow-motion, I agree with Rycroft - Stuart leapt into the contact.

Tough luck for the Avs - Landeskog was their all-around workhorse last season and with Ryan O`Reilly still unsigned, he's been leaned on even more to start this season. Good news for the Oilers, who have struggled to match teams with forward depth.