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The Uselessness of Darcy Hordichuk

The Oilers have a player so bad that he hurts them each time he steps on the ice.

At least he can't hurt he Oilers from his backside.
At least he can't hurt he Oilers from his backside.
John Grieshop

It's no surprise that Darcy Hordichuk is a bad hockey player. As I commented in the post-game:

Ralph Krueger has been an early-season mess, and yeah it's only a couple of games, and yeah, he's a new coach, but he's missing a whole bunch of the basics, just like Pat Quinn and just like Tom Renney. His biggest faux pas was dressing Darcy Hordichuk, his second-biggest mistake was putting Darcy Hordichuk on the ice. Hordichuk promptly took a penalty and the Flames scored. It was relatively easy to predict and that goal against is directly on Krueger's head.

Jonathan Willis did one better. He looked at every single thing Darcy Hordichuk did while he was on the ice:

Saturday night versus the Calgary Flames, Darcy Hordichuk made his 2013 debut for the Edmonton Oilers. He had four shifts, and played a whopping 1:11, all of it coming in the first period. After the jump, every single thing that Hordichuk did on Saturday night.

My post-game sentiment remains:

Thanks for coming out, Darcy Hordichuk. Every minute you're on the ice is a minute the Oilers are losing the battle. Your contract can't end soon enough.

The only problem with that, of course, is that the Oilers have Cam Abney waiting in the wings.