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The Oilers' Best Prospect In The AHL?

It's not who you think it is, but who is it?

Who is that mystery man?
Who is that mystery man?

The Oilers lack forward depth outside of the NHL, but there's one kid bubbling under that may help out soon.

...he’s dangerous when carrying the puck alone.
...has a creative gene. The prospects that stand out in the AHL, at least on the offensive side of the puck, tend to do things no one else does.
...[he] does swooping shootout moves
...slices sideways in front of the net
...he’s unafraid to shoot the puck
...[he] can skate at full throttle
...[he can] stop on a dime, and cut the other direction.
He’s fun to watch.
...he plays intelligent hockey for a rookie. Winger prospects usually are all over the map in terms of consistency. [he] isn’t going to playing mind-bending defense, but at least he’s steadily learned how to tone down the over-aggressiveness just enough to not leave his team hanging when the puck rushes the other direction.

Who is he?

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