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Tyler Pitlick Injured - Could Miss Up To Six Weeks?

The struggling winger heads to the injured list at exactly the wrong time.

Seems like Pitlick is stuck this season
Seems like Pitlick is stuck this season
Dale MacMillan

Neal at Tend The Farm (and if you're not reading him every day, you should be) talked about Tyler Pitlick's status today:

And in a bit of news that causes me great heartburn is that Tyler Pitlick is having an MRI done today on his right knee. Coach Nelson, again via Oilers Now this morning, suggests that it might be severe enough that Tyler misses six weeks of play. In his second year as a pro, an injury like this is brutal to his experience.

Alan noted that Pitlick hasn't been able to find his offense as a professional, and likely never will:

Neither has done anything to push the envelope, to the point where I feel very comfortable saying that the ship has likely sailed on either one of these to ever become a consistent offensive player at the NHL level. Both however do possess skills that could prove valuable as role players if they can begin to realize the potential they showed in their draft years. Pitlick, likely the more offensively gifted of the two, has been completely snake bitten from a scoring standpoint, registering 1g-2a-3p in 28 games.

Six weeks on the shelf isn't going to help, either. Pitlick has 52 shots in 32 games and just 1 goal to show for it. There's snakebitten, and there's Tyler Pitlick.

Neal also breaks down both Jonathan Cheechoo and Brett Clark's new role on the Barons. Make sure and check it out.