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Brett Clark To The Oilers?

Are the Oilers interested in Brett Clark?

Are the Oilers reaching out to Brett Clark?
Are the Oilers reaching out to Brett Clark?
Richard Wolowicz

Longtime friend Neal Livingston thinks that the Oilers may be looking at veteran defenseman Brett Clark to solidify the blueline in the AHL and add emergency depth to the NHL squad:

The timely signing of Jonathan Cheechoo to a player tryout with the Oklahoma City Barons wasn’t all that surprising. The name was surprising, but the caliber was anything but. The team needed consistent scoring, but more importantly consistent vet scoring to help anchor a team of young offensive prospects. And so it made sense to do that in a post-NHL-lockout AHL world. Will he give you 20+ goals to end the season? I sure hope so.

So the team will make a play for a similar type of player on the other side of the puck. A veteran guy (the Barons have one more spot for an AHL vet after signing Cheechoo) that can give you a world of help amongst some very young and more importantly immature pro defenders. The likely candidate? How about Brett Clark.

The level of defensive play has been nothing short of abysmal through the first day-and-a-half of the NHL season, so don't expect Clark to go without work for lon.