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If the NHL and NHLPA are dumb enough...

Tyler, Pat and Lowetide via <a href="">Wikimedia Commons</a> Photo by:  Philip H. Bailey
Tyler, Pat and Lowetide via Wikimedia Commons Photo by: Philip H. Bailey

The millionaires that make up the NHLPA and the billionaires that make up the NHL Board of Governors are seemingly set on a course to eliminate hockey from the rest of the 2012 calendar. Should that happen, what should we, the writers of The Copper & Blue, write about? We shouldn't continue to advertise (for free - well, besides your ad dollars) the sport that they are intent on ruining, should we? What could we write about?

Beer Reviews - A core part of being an Oilers fan is the ability to deal with pain. Many fans deal with that pain through the use mind-altering substances like beer. Our own Ryan Batty is beer connoisseur, and stands at the ready to drink a wide variety of beers just so he can tell you how they taste. Budweiser will not be on the list.

Liquor Reviews - The same as above, but Derek Zona will be the man responsible for drinking the variety of liquors and reporting in on them. The writing may be a bit sketchy.

Math - One of the lightning rods in the 'sphere is the role of and use of math in hockey. We can touch on math used, how it's constructed and what it means.

Trip Reports - Lisa McRitchie has traveled to all corners of the continent in the pursuit of her passion - hockey. She can tell you about on-ice entertainment in Raleigh and beer prices in Minneapolis.

Gospels - Scott Reynolds brings us a Gospel of Hockey for each game. Without those games, we're all deprived of the brilliance of those writings. Scott could still write Gospels, it's just that they would be about the Oklahoma City Barons, the Sm-Liiga and his Wednesday lunch.

Minnesota Wild - Derek and Scott can make fun of the Wild for at least another month.

Soccer - Apparently, the City of Edmonton is home to some sort of soccer team. None of us are quite sure what league or level they play, but Ben Massey could tell you what brand of underwear the right mid wears. With that kind of dedication, it's only a matter of time before we're all soccer fans.

Hate Mail - our hate mail (and now hate private messages on Facebook!) piles up and we haven't written about the people who really, really hate math in quite some time.

Minnesota Wild Fans - This is really just shooting fish in a barrel, but hey, whatever sells, right?

Local Music - Back to our resident longhair, er, rock fan, Ryan Batty. He's a music lover at heart and can report in on the local music scene - CD releases and concerts galore.

AHL Hockey -Sooooo, how about those Barons?

Junior Hockey - You figure that the Oilers are going to have a lottery pick again even if there is no season, so why not learn all we can about the incoming draft class?

Be Ambitious - We could feed Pat from Black Dog Hates Skunks a handful of acid and ask him to write about whatever comes to mind. We could put Lowetide in a room with a tank of ether and ask him to talk about 1970's hockey. We could give Tyler a whole bunch of MDMA and invite Colin Campbell over for a few drinks.

And last, but certainly not least:

NHL Hockey - You are one of the true die-hards, and in the event of a lockout, you want to read about everything to do with the NHL. You, by the way, are one of the reasons Eklund is famous, so you've got that going for you.