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Edmonton Oilers relocation: Wayne Gretzky doesn't think there's a chance

Wayne Gretzky wants the Edmonton Oilers to remain where they are.

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Harry How - Getty Images

Former Edmonton Oilers and NHL legend Wayne Gretzky joined The Fan 590 in Toronto on Tuesday to voice his opinion that the team doesn't have much of a chance of relocating.

Gretzky certainly didn't mince any words during the interview, making it clear that a franchise such as the Oilers should stay in Edmonton:

"I just don't see it happening. I think over time here cooler heads are going to prevail and [Oilers owner] Daryl [Katz] and the city will hammer out a deal and get it done. I can't see them moving. It's one of the greatest franchises in all of professional sports. You don't move a franchise like that."

Gretzky was seen at Monday night's Seattle Seahawks game with Katz, sparking speculation that the team may be trying to move to Seattle, a city hungry for another professional sports team. Katz and the city of Edmonton have been in talks for a new arena for the past few years. The Oilers are using Seattle as leverage in their negotiations.

Gretzky also noted that he has no ties to the Oilers or the NHL in any "official capacity," and was simply invited to the football game by Katz.

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