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Daryl Katz in Negotiation Mode

via I, Spartacus, comes video footage of Daryl Katz in negotiations with the Edmonton City Council.

After the Oilers threat via Twitter on Saturday night, (now deleted from the timeline) it seems even more fitting. When the franchise offends even the most ardent Oilers' backer, like Jeff at Oil on Whyte, you know someone has screwed up:

Imagine how a message like the one sent from the club on Saturday night has got to resonate with people who have put their hard earned cash (and time) into this team for nearly 40 years.

It’s a threat.

It’s an empty threat, made to tug at the hearts of fans- fans that have continued to pour their time, their entertainment dollars, and their emotions into a team that has continually been bad since 2006.

And, it stinks.

Maybe you prefer Pat's take:

And one more thing, you don't act like a dick. When I was growing up if you acted like a dick you got punched in the mouth. The Edmonton Oilers remind me a of a kid I knew back in school.