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Weekend Update: Now What?

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All dressed up with nowhere to go until a new CBA has been reached.
All dressed up with nowhere to go until a new CBA has been reached.

It's official folks, these are the dog days of summer where there is not much hockey talk to speak of. Still we have no idea what has happened to Linus Omark, we have no idea when or if there will be a 2012-13 NHL season, we don't know if Devan Dubnyk is ready to be the team's starting goaltender and we don't know who will fill in those holes on the blue line. But at least the team let Cam Barker walk and wouldn't you know it, but Barker hasn't found a new home for himself yet either. And there are still 24 other UFA defencemen on the market... but of course the Oilers would be better off making a trade, as soon as they can find a trading partner.

The NHL has yet to reach an agreement with the players union, but the talks are ongoing. The most recent proposal from the NHL includes increased revenue sharing, meaning that the Edmonton Oilers that you live to love and support will continue to support the have not teams in the league. Yes that includes the Phoenix Coyotes until a deal for them can be reached. Currently the NHL has extended their deal for another month, but the team needs a long term deal.

So, it's time for you to get back to your summer. Catch some rays of sunshine and keep watching those YouTube videos of great hockey moments.