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Mikael Samuelsson Doesn't Like Alex Burrows Very Much

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via the remarkably underrated Cam Charron comes a tale of honesty that leads to hilarity. Mikael Samuelsson, that oft-angry Swede, sat for an interview with Hockey Sweden, the magazine of record for all things Tre Kronor. Charron had the interview translated and found some true gems in the interview.

On playing with the Sedin brothers:

"You can’t fail no matter how little talent you might have."

Well if that doesn't describe C&B favorite Alex Burrows to a tee. I'm glad Samuelsson clears everything up shortly after that.

On losing to the Bruins in the Cup finals:

" probably wasn’t very good that (Alexandre) Burrows bit Patrice Bergeron..."

I'm going to go out on a limb and say that Mikael Samuelsson doesn't think very highly of Burrows, or his game. As Charron says, it's a shame the interviewer didn't ask follow-up questions, because this could've been a brilliant interview.

Click through to read Samuelsson's opinion of Vancouver's management team and more.