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Ralph Krueger and the Airing of Grievances

80% of our poll respondents believe the hiring of Ralph Krueger was a good move, but this isn't a surprise as most Oilers fans support management moves.

I've got questions, concerns even, about this hiring process. The only other confirmed interviewee was Marc Crawford and the much-ballyhooed (by the local media, at least) Brent Sutter didn't get a phone call. While there are plenty of problems with the way the media went about covering this, the focus has to be on the Oilers here. In an effort to find the best possible coach for the team, they interviewed all of two candidates. Seems a bit light, no?

Also bothersome was Steve Tambellini's constant praise of the Oilers power play last year. As I've explored previously, if there's one area set for an enormous regression, it's the power play. But hey, this isn't the first time the Oilers have made a mistake because they don't grasp variance. I could write 1200 words on the problems here, but it's been done here before.

Oh well, at least the Oilers have given the competition a new meme for the 2012-13 season.

"You, Krueger. My son tells me your company stinks!"