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Oilers Select Joey Laleggia In The Fifth Round (#123)

Joey Laleggia, Defense
University of Denver- WCHA

DOB: 6/24/1992
Height: 5'9
Weight: 165

ISS has Laleggia at #177 overall:

Lots of heart
Undersized D but effective
Good Skater with Mobility
Shows offensive flare
Excellent on PP
Patient and poised on the point
Impressive Freshman season - took advantage of opportunities

Future Considerations has Laleggia at #175 overall:

A skilled offensive defenseman whose game transitioned well to the college ranks; he lacks size

An interesting trend this year that was at the fore of the Canucks draft strategy was to seek the overagers who stepped up. Laleggia is one of those, as is Erik Gustafsson. Mike Gillis noted that it was part of a strategy, I don't know if that's the case with the Oilers.

Laleggia exploded this season for Denver, but that should be expected of overage players. He's a power play guy and a puck carrier. The question for Laleggia, much the same for Brian Cooper, is can he overcome the size deficiencies to be a pro player?