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Dale Tallon: Possibly The Best Jersey Foul Ever

Photo by Matt Wagner, all rights reserved.
Photo by Matt Wagner, all rights reserved.

Throughout the day at Consol, I noticed one of the more curious hockey sweaters I've ever seen: a Florida Panthers red sweater, numbered 19, with the "TALLON" nameplate.

Near the end of the draft, Blue Jackets' writer Matt Wagner was able to snap this photo of the jersey foul. I've conducted an extensive search and can't find the Florida Panthers on Tallon's playing resume. He played for Toronto, Vancouver, Chicago, Dallas, Chicago, Pittsburgh and Syracuse, but not Florida.

Maybe it's an homage to Pittsburgh Pirates prospect Jameson Taillon, who was born in Florida.

If not, it's true dedication to management. And I thought Oilers' fans were ridiculous with their devotion to management...

Full size resolution here, Dan Bylsma's mug is just a bonus.