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Oilers Select Daniil Zharkov In The Third Round (#91)

I'll have much, much more on Zharkov later, but the scouting reports on Zharkov:

Future Considerations have him at #31:

A big and strong goal scoring winger. He has very good skating ability with a nice top gear and multi-directional mobility. He needs to improve his balance and added leg strength will likely help. He possesses good vision in the offensive zone, really impressive hands and elusiveness with the puck. He displays a strong stick and good puck protection skill using his natural size and reach. He isn’t afraid to crash and bang down low and along the boards but is not always actively aggressive on the physical side of the game. He needs to be more aware of his surroundings as
he can get railroaded with his head down

Hockey Prospectus has him at #28:

He's a good skater who hits a desirable top speed, with good first step quickness, showing very good agility and ability to evade defenders. That last part is also due to his puck skills, which are plus, as he can really dangle and has a lot of individual ability. His goal to assist ratio may give the indication of a poor passer or a puck hog, and while he'll occasionally look like the latter, he does show many instances of being a fine puck distributor. Zharkov is much better, though, at making moves and getting into shooting position where he displays high-end finishing ability. He shows a fine physical game, as while he still needs to put on strength, he has a projectable frame and will work hard on the forecheck and when he has to battle along the boards.

ISS has him at #33:

Huge frame with skill with an equal big shot, offensive minded power forward.

Big frame and strength on the puck
Release and shot strength
Good mobility for size

John Fischer's breakdown of Zharkov is impressive - read it now.

He's one of my new favorite Oilers based on his draft interview alone:

"It’s my goal to be better than Yakupov. I think it makes me more angry and makes me work harder than if it wasn’t for Yakupov."