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Who Should The Oilers Take At #32?

"What do you think about this Finn fellow?"
"What do you think about this Finn fellow?"

There are a number of talented players available at #32,and the options are plenty. The Oilers could draft for this "need" everyone is talking about, even though this pick won't help for half of a decade, or they could go with the BPA. The candidates:

Pontus Åberg - Åberg has great hands and can show some flash in that area in terms of being able to make great individual plays in creating space for himself. His true strength isn't about being a dangerous puck controller, though, as it is playing a speed game and getting the puck to the net. via Hockey Prospectus

Sebastien Collberg - Collberg is undersized, but he makes up for it with some slick hands and an NHL release. He’s a threat to score anytime he gets the puck in the offensive zone and does a good job of finding open ice despite being a smaller player. via The Scouting Report

Matt Finn - You've read all about him.

Damon Severson - Him too.

Dalton Thrower - He is a hardnosed, hard hitting, two-way blueliner and a solid puck mover. He makes a good, hard and accurate first pass. He can also rush the puck and isn’t afraid to take it for a skate. He is very mobile and has some excellent head fake moves when carrying the puck. He is able to protect the puck using his body and reach. He owns a rocket of a slapshot, which he releases quickly and seems to get through traffic and on net on a very regular basis. via Future Considerations

So, aside from "Trade the pick with some other stuff for a real NHL defender!" what should the Oilers do at #32?