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Bonus Mailbag: Sam Gagner Is A Bust (so are Krejci, Bergeron, Toews, Sharp, McDonald & Getzlaf)



We get that you like Gagner but give it up. If the Oilers want to win the cup they must find another C who scores ppg and get rid of the bust. Can't win the cup without two ppg c
and if he wasn't your favorite, you'd want to trade him too.

Since the lockout, six teams have won The Stanley Cup. Of the twelve top two centres to win the cup, five have them have scored at a point-per-game pace or better. Three of the teams to win the Cup didn't have even one point-per-game centre:
Year Centre G P P/G
2010 David Krejci 75 62 0.83
2010 Patrice Bergeron 80 57 0.71
2009 Jonathan Toews 76 68 0.89
2009 Patrick Sharp 82 66 0.80
2008 Evgeni Malkin 82 113 1.38
2008 Sidney Crosby 77 103 1.34
2007 Pavel Datsyuk 82 97 1.18
2007 Henrik Zetterberg 75 92 1.23
2006 Andy McDonald 82 78 0.95
2006 Ryan Getzlaf 82 58 0.71
2005 Eric Staal 82 100 1.22
2005 Rod Brind'Amour 78 70 0.90

Two teams had a pair of point-per-game centres and won the Cup. Five teams have had a pair of point-per-game centres and failed to win The Stanley Cup. 59 point-per-game centres have failed to win The Stanley Cup.

Sam Gagner won't have to score a point-per-game to win a Stanley Cup.