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Linus Omark's Twitter Account Is A Must Read

When we last checked in on Linus Omark via his Twitter feed, he asked the Edmonton Oilers for a trade:

In response, an Oilers fan named Mike Burns questioned Omark's actions, and Omark responded in turn:

For Omark, his words aren't extraordinary. He's being honest. Fans, however, are offended. Omark is not the typical North American athlete - he doesn't speak couched statements, he doesn't use cliches at every turn and he certainly doesn't speak with a head bowed towards management. He's honest and blunt and that's not something North American fans are used to.

Omark was recently cut from the Swedish World Championships team, the last cut from the final roster. That in itself might be news, but it was his response to the press and fans for things written and said about him that stands out:

I went to our good friend Jimmy Hamrin to translate:

Nice to read what everyone writes about me, especially those who writes that I suck. I`ll be back, don´t worry. #loosers

His next Tweet was even more to the point:

Back to Hamrin for the translation:

I only grow the more crap that is written, but I remember (the courier + all the other fucking loosers) #onedayiwillshutyourmouth

The Kuriren is Omark's hometown newspaper. It's safe to say that there isn't a cozy relationship between the two.

The Oilers are likely going to trade Omark before or at the draft, giving him the chance he asked for. The team that gets Omark is getting a very honest and very motivated player.