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Waddell Wins! Waddell Wins! Waddell Wins!

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Is it time to laugh or cry?
Is it time to laugh or cry?

We started with sixteen, but in the end, there could only be one winner. Don Waddell defeated Doug MacLean in yesterday's final, and in doing so became this year's Not-So-Sweet-Sixteen champion. It was Waddell's third consecutive victory by less than 60% of the vote, but that shouldn't diminish the gravity of his triumph.

After all, Waddell's path to victory required him to beat a who's who of foolishness: a man who didn't - doesn't? - know how to use a courier, a man who hitched his wagon to Len Barrie (don't ask Smytty about his investment in Bear Mountain), a man who thinks that Steve Mason is the only non-cannibalistic goaltender on the planet, and a man who works for (spits) Sportsnet.

No, it wasn't easy, but Waddell's long-term employment with one of the worst franchises in league history during almost the entire post-lockout period helped him to cement the win. So Congratulations to Don Waddell, the worst general manager in the league under the current collective bargaining agreement!

The Final Bracket: