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You Mess With The Teemu, You Get The Hurt

There's no denying the earnest, sincere, and sometimes creepy love that the Copper & Blue writing staff has for the one and only Teemu Hartikainen. The Finn with flavor. The leader of the Cult of Hartikainen. Harski. Harti. HEARTikainen. Regardless of what you call him or how you discuss him fondly in conversation, he's a fun player to watch. In the coming days, you'll find a treasure trove of Barons content here at Copper & Blue, but let's go ahead and unfurl a little jewel of awesomeness.

The Barons will be facing the Houston Aeros in round one of the Calder Cup Playoffs. The last time these two met, this happened to Nate Prosser. Notice the "during" and the "after".



It's the second 5 minute variety fight that the feisty Finn has had in Oklahoma City. Last season it was Bracken Kearns of the San Antonio Rampage that felt the wrath of the Teemu. Let's hope this attitude carries over to the playoffs, and remember to stay up-to-date on all things Barons Calder Cup by bookmarking Copper & Blue (why haven't you done that already?).

First photo courtesy of Steven Christy Photography. Second photo courtesy of Rob Ferguson. All rights reserved. Thanks guys!