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Cam Abney - Your March Wallpaper

<a href="" target="new">Photo by Candace Riley</a> © 2011, All Rights Reserved
Photo by Candace Riley © 2011, All Rights Reserved

Hired knuckles are an integral part of hockey that won't seem to fade away. When it comes to hired knuckles there are none better in the Oilers' organization than those of Cam Abney.

Abney has quite a following amongst Oilers' fans, including Bruce McCurdy and Yeti, a frequent commenter here at C&B. His cult status is why we've made him our March wallpaper. The artist behind our March wallpaper is the lovely and talented Candace Riley. Candace writes about the Barons at the OKC Barons Hockey Blog.

You can find the high resolution version of the wallpaper here. You can also peruse Candace's impressive collection of photos and buy prints of her best work at SmugMug.

Abney came in at #44 our Top 25 Under 25, last on the list. Scott's take on our reasoning for Abney's ranking? Well, brutal honesty:

This man is not a hockey player; he's a pugilist. And judging from his first couple of fights in the ECHL, he's a pugilist that will need to work on his balance. Of course, he's still a young fighter, and he has looked better in some of his other fights so far this year (he's had 10 in just 24 ECHL games). Plus, fighting aside, he's actually not done too badly in the old being able to play hockey department. He has five points and a -1 rating with Stockton, and has played in nine AHL games with an even rating, which is better than fellow-rookies Tyler Pitlick and Curtis Hamilton with only marginally less offense. Abney was a terrible draft pick in the top one hundred, but hey, you never know. At the very least, I know he's got a vote in the bag from Yeti.

Interested in having your picture or original artwork featured as our wallpaper of the month? Let us know.