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3,000,000 Visits & Counting

Sometime near midnight on Saturday night a person from Grand Prairie checked in to read (most likely watch) all about Steve MacIntyre's on-ice rage. That person became the 3,000,000th visitor to The Copper & Blue since Jonathan Willis first migrated to his old Blogspot site to SB Nation in April of 2009. He put everything in place and added some very talented people to fill his vision of high-level hockey analysis and intelligent discussion about the Oilers and hockey in general.

Since then, the names and faces have changed but the community here has never been better. Three million visits is a huge accomplishment for all of us, but especially Jonathan. He may have brought together some very good people, but it's difficult to imagine that he foresaw the type of reader who would visit and participate with the authors. Look no further than the FanPost section to see the thoughtfulness and effort that our readers bring to the site each and every day.

All of us, including those who have moved on to bigger and better things, can't thank you enough for your time, your feedback, and your commiseration as members of The Copper & Blue.

Thank you random person from Grand Prairie, visitor #3,000,000, and everyone who stopped in before that.

Here's to three million more.