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Oilersland Vol. 4, The Oilers Win The Cup!

Editor's Note: Mike from Covered In Oil, hockey's greatest cartoonist returns today with Volume IV of Oilersland. The Coffee Crisp wasn't enough to ship Ales out of town in Volume 3.

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Eventually, the rebuild has to work out, Ben explained it all right here:

How do we expect this team to improve? We just gassed the first year of Jordan Eberle's entry-level contract. The first year of Magnus Paajarvi's contract. The first year of Taylor Hall's contract. In exchange, we're going to get another young player who we can sign too early and gas the first year of their contract too. Then BAM! Stanley Cup. The Pittsburgh Penguins did it and all they needed was decades of utterly hopeless teams followed by stumbling into the greatest NHL forward of the century, which is something both enjoyable and completely reproducible. Any comparisons to the Atlanta Thrashers or the New York Islanders are UTTERLY FATUOUS.